Nate Miyaki, Fitness Expert and "Intermittent Feast" Author

Nate Miyaki: Fitness Author, Coach, and the “Intermittent Feast” Approach


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Nate Miyaki is a fitness author, athlete, and coach.

He has run a private personal training and nutrition consulting practice for the past twelve years, working with a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes and models to busy working professionals looking to lose weight and improve health.

Nate or his work has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, LIVESTRONG, Muscle & Fitness, T-Nation, and He has provided nutrition seminars and been a guest speaker for several corporate wellness programs including Zynga,, Hanson Bridgette Law Firm, and Stanford Business School. He is a former professional wrestler, a 2x natural bodybuilding champion, and has worked as a model and representative for several fitness brands.